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In honor of teachers everywhere, we're ranking the best anime teachers of all time, with the help of your votes. Who is your favorite sensei character in anime? When talking about characters from the wonderful world of anime, and which would be a good fit as a teacher well the imagination can run. Even in anime, we can find teachers and lessons in unexpected places. Learning is not always confined to the classroom, and some of the best. anime teacher

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Moving to an academic setting, we have Izumi Sakurai-sensei. Nishioka Sensei specializes in maths, he seems goofy, dresses shabbily at first! A former bike gang leader, Onizuka takes his street smarts to education using unconventional methods to both help and discipline his students. These characters possess a great deal of secrets that they're willing to share with others Charismatic individuals are natural leaders whose magnetic personalities and amazing speaking skills influence others to listen to them and follow their lead. Her sister, lends her a dress and she decides to dress beautifully and explore the world outside when she comes across someone she'd never expected to meet, someone who'd change her life forever, someone who loves the stars as much as she does, someone who might be related to her more than she is aware of.

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